Sometimes you just need to start

Mug of coffee on wooden table.

All blogs need to start somewhere. 
Studio of Wild Ideas has been an idea sitting on the back burner for waaaayyy too long. 
So my friends, thank you for being here with me at the beginning.  

A poem: Sometimes you just need to start.  Written whilst wrapping up my “old” business, Ready Mindset Go; feeling lost, tired, uninspired and suffering a bad case of “I don’t know’s”. This poem dropped into my life, after a heart touching conversation with my friend Lucretia (an author, poet, blogger, psychic channel and intuitive mentor).  


To shake off the got-to’s, have-to’s, must-do’s.
To follow the spark to see where it goes, for no reason other than it beckons.
For it has a feeling, a promise of heart-inspired soul goodness.

“Follow me”, it whispers, while obligations and expectations loudly shout over it.
“Come play”, it murmurs as you fold the washing, answer work emails, cook the family dinner.
“This way”, it sings in those moments when you let your mind be quite.

The “I don’t know how/what/why” and the myriad of other excuses and lies we tell ourselves line up to shut down the call. An orchestra of rejection led by Fear.

(The Unknown has a knack for getting Fear’s knickers in a knot.)

Sometimes you just need to start. Not because you are ready. Not because you are sure. Not because you understand what-for. Not because it makes sense.

Start – because your idea desires to burst forth, to live and breathe through the voice you give it, to embrace your longing to give, share and inspire. Without restriction – for there are no rules.

Acknowledging Photo by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash