Do it to learn it

Frustrated by not being able to execute my ideas due to lack of know how is a constant part of my creative journey. Luckily I also like to learn things.

This year I am determined to learn to use digital tools for graphic design and image editing. My starting point is GIMP (like photoshop but open source)

Everyone learns differently. Me, I’ve got to get hands on, set myself challenges, make loads of mistakes quickly, push until I have an outcome, and let go of judging my results especially in the early piece. If I DO it, no matter how badly, its a success. Not how well I do it.

Today’s somewhat seemingly simple challenge was to replicate a title from a magazine cut out.

Much fumbling around, clicking and undo’s I got to a result I was happy with I learnt about colour picking, opacity, layers, text settings, export options. I may have quizzed the teenager a time or two.
Fun : ) Here’s today’s final version:

The background is a photograph from a friends garden taken in 2021. I have sooooo many nature based photographs. Looking forward to giving them life through digital expression.