Workshops are a gateway-drug

collection of handcrafted baskets made of recycled materials

Jillian Bowles only went to the workshop because her friend wanted her company.   She wasn’t too impressed with the idea of learning to basket weave. She had an image of hard formal willow baskets in her mind.

She stepped into a whole new world of fibre arts. She was enthralled by the sensual and visual delight –  piles of colourful fabric, using her hands to create, the relaxed company of other women.

She was hooked.  She hasn’t stopped creating since. Her addiction to weaving resulting in an explosion of baskets filling her home.   Jillian loves the ancestral feeling of weaving, the meditative quality of coiling baskets, and the endless possibilities of using the materials sourced locally.

Three years later, Jillian  focuses on creating baskets from natural and recycled materials.   She also now runs her own workshops.  

For me, attending workshops slowly coaxed my creative fire alive.  A fire that burned out from being doused by responsibility, demands of single-parenting, and lack of attention to my own joy.

Creative workshops are a heady combination of human connection, creative play, a chance to learn new skills, and freedom to let go of responsibilities for a time.  I love it all.

They are a gateway drug to creative expression, self-satisfaction, and joy.

With a few recent workshops under my belt, Jillian’s fibre arts workshops were a turning point for me.   She inspired me with her story, her journey, her passion. I saw a glimpse of what could be possible.  

Then I gave myself permission to play, experiment, fail, imagine, research, skill up.  To make and do things because it made me happy. 

Now I see a creative path ahead for me.  I don’t know where it goes.  

Hell, I don’t care where it goes – I’m having fun! 

Thank you Jillian Bowles Artist for permission to use images of your beautiful creations.