A Silly Secret

I’ll tell you a secret. I have no idea what I’m doing starting a blog on inspiration, ideas, creative projects and living wholeheartedly.

And despite that I’m excited. And daunted. And secretly very scared. Silly, right?

My deeply hidden I’m not good enough part of me is raising it’s head with peaked interest.
“Hang on” she says.
“Are you going to put yourself out there in world?
“Whoa Nelly” she cautions.
“That’s dangerous!”
“People are going to judge you, and they might not like you anymore!”
At this point, my people-pleaser part of me joins in.
“Yeah, not a good idea at all.”
“If you start showing people who you really are, they’ll see what a freak you are.”
Then all my fear voices clamber to join, shouting over the top of each other.

It’s time for me to hold my ground:
“Hey, hey. I hear you, okay?
Look, you can all come along for the ride. You can have your say. We will probably get to know each other ALOT better.
But the decision is made.
I’m not likely to be any good at it, especially in the beginning. Perhaps even dreadful.
What’s the worst thing that can happen? I get better at expressing myself?
It might even be fun!
It’s time for me to live a little courageously. To be curious, uncertain, imperfect, awkward, daring, and wild.
I want to try. To practice giving what’s in me, what inspires me. To share the words tumbling around in my head, the feeling in my heart, and tap into the well of creativity that has been neglected for far too many years.
Ready to join me?”

They all mumble, and consent. “Okay”.

Image credit: Photograph titled “The Other Self” by artist R J Poole