About Studio of Wild Ideas & Susanna

One of these days I’ll get an updated professional head shot!  Until then this is that best I’ve got : )

Welcome to Studio of Wild Ideas.

Wild ideas come in all shapes and sizes.  To run your creative practice, succeed within your small business, to launch a social enterprise or community project, to grow your own food,  to live sustainably, to work better with your staff and colleagues, to make the world a better place and live life on your terms.

The mission is to support and inspire you (and me) to honour AND action wild ideas one small step – or one bold giant leap – at a time.


Hi, I’m Susanna.  Studio of  Wild Ideas is a collision of my interests – supporting artists and entrepreneurs to grow their business, creative and collaborative projects, living lightly on this earth. And community building, personal and professional development, innovation, and the list goes on.

I’m a multipotentialite – a multi-passionate entrepreneur – and my tool kit of skills is deep and wide.

Right now, I’m running community projects and events, continuing my coaching for creatives, solo biz souls, and workplace staff.  For a full run down on my professional career and skills, here’s me on LinkedIn.

I am also deep driving into the creative process and expanding my creative skills in fibre arts, crochet and woodwork and other hands on crafts and arts.   This journey is most visible via my Instagram page @StudioWildIdeas.  I joke that when I grow up I’m going to be an organic sculpturess (but it’s true!)

Thank you for coming to visit.  Feel free to email me or phone me directly as I am happy to open up a conversation with you and find out about your wild idea(s).

In appreciation,


[email protected] studiowildideas.com.au
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